01 August 2012

Yes. I'm absolutely biased against Chick-fil-A. So what?

Today was Eat at Chick-fil-A day, a way for religious conservatives to support a fast-food chain that is infamous for its financial support for groups opposed to equality.

Of course, there are plenty of people who have taken umbrage at people DARING to decide that they don't want to send their money to an organization that's just going to forward that money to poorly-lettered hate groups.  Jen McCreight over at Blag Hag has been getting angry tweets from Christian conservatives all-day for pointing out she had no intention of shopping there.  One common response is that calling on people not to eat at Chick-fil-A is somehow tantamount to stiffing their free speech. Now, ignoring the obvious humor of Christian conservatives getting pissed about people taking a page from their own tactics manual, the thing that really steams me about this kind of response is that people don't understand that free speech doesn't automatically mean that I have to support what you have to say, but rather support your ability to say it.

The founder of Chick-fil-A is welcome to be as much of a bigot as he wants to be.  He's free to selectively quote from his bronze age text as much as he wants.  That said, I'm free to say that he's a bigoted asshole for doing so.  Now, as Ms. McCreight pointed out, that means you can expect to hear that you're actually the bigot because you hate people who are intolerant.  They've got me there.  Guilty as charged.  I am ABSOLUTELY intolerant of people who want to rob people of their right to marry and raise a family.  I'm not going to remain silent and let them spew that view into the public square without comment.  And I'm damn sure not going to pat them on the back for saying it.  Of course, that stance doesn't keep Christians from remaining loyal to their religious beliefs and legally marry in the way they see fit.  I doubt the religious right's bigotry would permit gay couples the same.

The bottom line is simple.  My answer to the people demanding that I shop at Chick-fil-A is a resounding NO.  As in: NO, I refuse to send my money to an organization that's merely going to package it up and use it to deny my fellow citizens their civil rights.  NO, I refuse to give an organization that advances policies that treat women like baby-factories.  And NO, I refuse to give money to an organization that passes money to unscientific "therapies" that cause untold mental suffering in response to somebody daring to recognize their own sexuality.

So go ahead, Chick-fil-A,  open a store near me.  Christians? Feel free to shop there as much as you like.  But don't expect me to give them the time of day, let alone my hard-earned money.

Then again, perhaps I'm looking at this the wrong way.  I'm thinking that this might make for one hell of a drinking game.

The Bigoted Against Chick-fil-A Drinking Game!*

  • Accused of hating free speech because you exercised it?  Take a shot.
  • Somebody un-ironically calls you intolerant for challenging a bible verse that says gays should be put to death?  Take a shot.
  • Gay agenda mentioned in any way?  That's two shots, hero.
  • Bullshit sociology or psychology "study" mentioned? Take a shot.
  • Accused of being a "homo-terrorist" (whatever that means)?  Pound a beer.
  • Told you're going to hell?  That's another beer, champ.
  • Each time the person you're debating proves they obviously don't know much about the book they're trying to beat you over the head with?  Only take a single drink, because it's likely to happen a lot.

*Wow, I suck at naming stuff!

Warning: your proximity to the bible belt could result in a case of alcohol poisoning. Do not play the game if you're pregnant or planning to become pregnant.  Do not operate heavy machinery while playing the game. 

Oh, one final thing. Is anyone surprised that during all this furor the fact that Chick-fil-A fires women because they've had the gall to get pregnant and chose NOT to stay at home? Who knew having hopelessly backward views on LGBT rights would mean that you're also going to have horribly misogynist views?

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